Why Develop With U Grok It?

U Grok It is Smartphone RFID that enables mobile apps to add RFID functionality and extends the reach of RFID solutions.

Low cost, attractive device

U Grok It's low price makes it accessible to consumers, small & medium businesses, corporate departments and multi-outlet deployments. And the grokker device is attractive and lightweight, fun to look at and tech-forward, not industrial-looking.

Mid-Range Read Distance

The grokker device conforms to the UHF Gen 2 RFID standards and has an effective read range of 6'-10' using standard UHF Gen 2 RFID tags (not just our U Grok It branded tags). The passive tags are lightweight, inexpensive and battery-less allowing for a variety of applications that active tags cannot support. Supporting the UHF Gen2 RFID standard allows developers to:

  • Integrate U Grok It into larger RFID deployments
  • Take advantage of items already being tagged in the supply chain
  • Utilize the large variety of UHF Gen2 RFID tags already available
Universal Smartphone Connection

The grokker attaches to the smartphone via the audio port, a quick and universal connection that allows a single grokker to support any mobile device. In addition, the audio port connection is simpler and more reliable for occasional connection than Bluetooth.

Support the Mobile Devices that your clients want and you develop for

iOS, Android and Windows 8 support means you can develop solutions for the mobile devices that your clients demand to use (or are already using) and that you can integrate RFID support into your existing mobile applications in the modern development environment you already know.

So, What Can I Do With U Grok It?
Mobile App Developers
Add RFID Functionality
RFID Solutions Providers
Expand Your Market
Uniquely Track and Identify Individual Objects

Since each UHF Gen 2 tag has a unique code, you can identify, track and keep history information for specific objects. examples

Respond to Physical Objects

Grokking an object can trigger all sorts of events sort of like a souped-up QR code that can be hidden from view and read from much farther away. examples

Location Verification

Determine location without WiFi or GPS signal. examples

Expand Your Existing Implementations

Let current customers expand their use of your current solutions. examples

Support the Mobile Devices your Clients Demand

iPhone/iPad and Android devices are rapidly gaining ground in business environments. examples

Reach New Markets

U Grok It's low cost and its smartphone support opens up the consumer and small business markets for you. examples