UgiTag Class Reference


A tag found by the reader: an EPC and additional data.

This object will change if the tag's EPC is changed or its memory is written


 Tag's EPC.
NSDate * firstRead
 When this tag was first read.
NSData * tidMemory
 TID memory.
NSData * userMemory
 USER memory.
NSData * reservedMemory
 RESERVED memory.
UgiHfTagTypes hfTagType
 Type of HF tag.
NSString * hfName
 HF tag: name (not localized)
NSString * hfShortDescription
 HF tag: short description (not localized)
NSString * hfLongDescription
 HF tag: long description (not localized)
int hfIso15693dsfid
 For ISO 15693 tag: DSFID.
int hfIso15693afi
 For ISO 15693 tag: AFI.
int hfIso15693infoFlags
 For ISO 15693 tag: information flags.
int hfIso15693icReference
 For ISO 15693 tag: IC reference.
int hfIso15693numBlocks
 For ISO 15693 tag: number of memory blocks.
int hfIso15693blockSize
 For ISO 15693 tag: memory block size.
int hfIso14443Aatqa
 For ISO 14443A tag: ATQA.
int hfIso14443Asak
 For ISO 14443A tag: SAK (note that only the first byte may be valid, depending on tag type)
int hfIso14443AmemorySize
 For ISO 14443A tag: memory size.
int hfTopazAtqa
 For Topaz tag: ATQA.
int hfTopazHr
 For Topaz tag: HR.
int hfFelicaIcCode
 For FeliCA tag: IC Code.
int hfFelicaSystemCode
 For FeliCA tag: System Code.
 Read state for this tag at this moment in time.
BOOL isVisible
 YES if the tag is visible (as defined in UgiTagReadState). This is a convenience equivalent to getReadState.isVisible)
 Inventory this tag is associated with.

Protected Types

enum  UgiHfTagTypes { UGI_HF_TAG_ISO_15693 = 1, UGI_HF_TAG_ISO_14443A = 2, UGI_HF_TAG_TOPAZ = 3, UGI_HF_TAG_FELICA = 4 }
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Enumeration Documentation

◆ UgiHfTagTypes

- (enum) UgiHfTagTypes

HF tag types


ISO 15693 tag.


ISO 14443A tag.


Topaz tag.